Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Today I start my blog with bird/wildlife art, though it may happen that other themes will frequent it as well. Some works I did in 2012, while staying in Scandinavia (Denmark and Sweden) and northern Poland. 

Visiting Gotland in Sweden in non-birding purposes gave me opportunity to watch Collared Flycatcher and Nightjar. Gotland is definitely some place to be.

Vestamager near Copenhagen was my main birding destination. Good place for raptors, ducks and waders. I spent some time sketching Merlin and Hen Harrier.

Dragør, Denmark
An old fishing village near Copenhagen with the area of reedbeds. As I walked along the coast, I found some juvenile Rough-legged Buzzard.

Bornholm, Dueodde
Having been there for a few days and seen every corner of this beautiful island, I found Dueodde most attractive for birding. It has some nice sandy beaches – good spot for waders. I spent some time sketching Grey Plover as well as Black-throated Divers, which stayed really close to the shore.

Falsterbro, Sweden
No need to write about the place. One autumn day I decided to go there to see some raptor migration. There were some fine numbers of Rough-legged Buzzards and Sparrowhawks. After some time of scanning the sea, I came across young Kittiwake.

„Ptasi Raj“, Poland
  Part of the Vistula estuary. Late autumn sea brings species staying offshore closer to the coast. One of them is a Razorbill. It is still the time, when Little Gull is on migration. Here and there one can see Horned Grebes, either single or in small flocks up to 5 birds

Male Hen Harrier migrating over the reedbeds near Jastarnia, Hel Peninsula.

Young White-tailed Eagle resting over the ice covering Puck Bay.

Migrating Black-throated Loon over the open sea near the very tip of Hel Peninsula.

Someone fell in love with picture of  Pale Scops Owl, I took while staying in Israel that I was commissioned to paint one just like that.