Wednesday, 13 February 2013

These are some of the sketches done in the last three months. Most of them are images of different waterbirds: gulls, sea ducks, grebes, which are most abundant at this time of the year. Hel Peninsula is above all a long and narrow piece of land covered with pine forest surrounded by the sea. My main birding destinations are ports that are scattered all along the whole peninsula. Most of the sketches where done using NEOCOLOR wax watercolour crayons, some with watercolour crayons and plain watercolour, the others with soft pencils.

Glaucous Gull (Hel), adult bird, most likely the same individual residing in this location for many years.

Great Cormorant, Hel Navy port.

Long-tailed Duck, by far, the most numerous sea duck along the Polish Baltic coast.

Common Scoter most numerous in the vicinity of Władysławowo port.

Great Crested Grebe, Hel Navy port.

Open sea near Kuźnica

Common Gulls, my home town, Gdańsk  and Hel seaport.

Greater Black-backed Gulls, Hel Navy port.

Herring Gulls, Hel port

Red-breasted Merganser, Hel port

Hooded Crows, Hel seaport and Navy port

Red-necked Grebe, work inspired by a sketch done near Christiania, Copenhagen (Denmark). It was exclusively done with NEOCOLOR wax waterclour crayons. Even though it is rather challenging to depict finer details of the plumage, I really enjoy the rough texture they offer.

Few more, I would say indoor works. Black-throated Loon in the winter plumage inspired by some good views the other day. Red-necked Grebe spotted resting over the open sea, Jackdaws perched on the very old birch tree. And of course ubiquitous Long-tailed Duck.